Sunday, May 20, 2012

 We live in a place that we have always loved.  Two years ago we packed it all up in a U-Haul and headed out west.  My wonderful husband Michael stays home with our two beautiful boys, Ethan and Zack.  Our family has grown when we added our new dog, Jack.  He is a rescue from a wonderful organization called Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue.

53' Long and every space was packed!
Mike drove over 1800 miles with our love Maggie in the front seat of the U-haul while myself and the boys got to fly down!  We miss you Maggie Roo!

Very thankful for short sales, we were able to get a beautiful home in Gilbert, AZ

Mike has done many things to the front yard already.  The big tree has been taken down, some part to a storm that up routed the tree partially and the other part is the tree was very annoying due to the items that it dropped. The previous owner planted it crooked. We are still working on the back yard.  Pool would of been great, but this is not our dream home so we are going to put in some grass for Zack, fire pit and a grilling area for Mike. :-)

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